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Las Vegas

Videos from Las Vegas, Montreal, Humorous, and a little music.

Chose the "Bird Lady of Mandalay Bay" of your choice......

Go to the brunett video clip
Go to the blond video

Bartender at Harahs in Las Vegas

Click to see video of the Worlds greatest bartender at Harahs in Las Vegas


Lauren at the Airport #1
Click on this photo to see Lauren try a Cosmopolitam at the Montreal Airport
Lauren at the Airport #2
Creation of Disney Movie in Montreal - #1
Creation of Disney Movie in Montreal - #2


Ah yes, there is nothing like a little trombone music to pick me up. This is one of my favorites. This is care of www.Lamermelculo.com.

And here is my buddy Homer Simpson giving some wize advice.

Mini-Music Selection:

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