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Revolutionizing the Web Hosting Industry

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Having a web page should be fun and easy.

We work with you to provide a site that has photos, audio, and even video of people, events, and things that are important to you.

What other hosting site tells you to send them your VHS or cassette tapes for conversion to either mpeg or wav or avi files? How about photos? We will gladly convert them to digital files and will enhance the photos, print them (if you want copies) and create jpeg files for use on the web pages.

Contact us and see how easy it is to have your own web site that you can update to suit your needs.

Other hosting companies provide you with massive quantities of web space and throughput capacity. When you go to a restaurant for fine dining, do you ask them how many pounds of food you are going to get? Or, do you want courteous and attentive service with excellent food at a reasonable price?

Remember back in the good old days when you enjoyed dealing with businesses who that were run by real people? You knew their name and they knew yours and you actually liked dealing with them?

Our secret is that you will be dealing with real people who will communicate with you either by personal e-mail or phone. One person will be handle all of your web work.

    The human touch days of the past has merged with the internet age to create a superior hybrid type of web business.

    No more dealing with machines (web servers).

    It is a bright new day for creating web pages.

If you don't like this approach, please take a look at some of the top web hosting companies. They will be more than happy to have one of their web servers work with you.

Having a web page should be fun and easy. Contact us and see how easy it is to have your own web site.

Here are the basic steps for creating your own web page:
  1. Create your text in any of the popular word processing programs.
  2. Attach your text and photos to an e-mail that you send to us.
  3. You are FINISHED.

To view your web pages, just go to http://www.ohwowlookatthis.com/Owlatyourpages.html and click on the name or title you wanted to call your page!

For a guide to creating your own web pages, go to the Web Pages Made Easy page.

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Oh Wow Look at This.com
Revolutionizing the
Web Hosting Industry

Updated: September 12, 2005
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