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Here are some of our feature stories:
  • Over one year of covering the Washington Nationals!
  • Terri Schiavo should live! March 24,2005 11:00AM
  • Barry Who? March 22, 2005
  • Massive Media Failure in U.S.
  • Barry Bonds loses his luster of greatness
  • Monday Night Football meets Howard Stern
  • Pat Tillman, An American Hero!

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    U.S. Government Ineptness is killing Terri Schiavo! March 24, 2005 2:24 PM
    When you think about the U.S. government functioning in an efficient and logical way, you know they have major shortcomings. At 2PM this afternoon, I hear that there will be a meeting on Terri Schiavo later tonight. Later tonight? What, do you have something more pressing on your schedule? This woman is dying and may expire any time now. Do you meet later today in a life or death matter? DO SOMETHING NOW. Barge in and reconnect the feeding tube. DO IT NOW! Otherwise, our government will be responsible for intentionally killing an innocent and helpless person.

    Terri Schiavo should live! March 24, 2005
    This is insanity!!! This is what you get when you have people governed by lawyers and the letter of the law. Let's look at this from a human side. Terri's parents want to care for her and give her therapy in hope that her condition will improve. They have the will to help and certainly they could have the means when people are mobilized to provide funds for Terri's care.

    On the other hand, Michael Schiavo does not want to provide care for Terri. OK, fine. Get him out of the picture. Why can't he have a divorce? The media says nothing about this and other critical factors. If he was divorced, he could keep the remainder of the money he has from the settlement they received years ago. From the talk radio shows I hear in the Washington, DC area, they tell me that Michael has a "fiancee" and two children with this "fiancee". Do you have any questions on why he wants Terri to "go away". He does not have her best interest at heart, only his self interest. Did Terri say she did not want to live like this? They claim that years ago she said she did not but there is no written proof.

    Why not err on the side of life? Terri is not in pain. Her parents are in pain seeing the legal system kill their daughter. This is a real travesty. Logical actions could make all sides happy but we are governed by illogical laws.

    Barry Who? March 22, 2005
    In the unfairness of life, we frequently see bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people. Well, Barry Bonds (soon to be known as Barry Who?) is now out of the San Francisco Giants lineup for a half a year or longer. That sure is going to cut into his home run production. And you know what, at his age, when he comes back, he may not have the bat quickness he has now. So Barry is sounding very morose lately with the knee problem and the Balco scandal, and of course the "media" is making life miserable for him.

    Barry is a notorious "bad guy" of sports and deserves to be ridiculed for his lying about taking steroids. He does not deserve our respect. He does deserve our scorn and ridicule. By ridiculing him, he will become more bitter and unhappy and do you know what? Bad people NEED to be unhappy because their behavior is not acceptable.

    So in the future, when you refer to him, you kind of snicker and call him "Barry Who?". how is that for a lack of respect?

    Massive Media Failure in U.S. February 2005
    Were any of you out there surprised at the vote in Iraq? How about the awsome pride and bravery they showed defying the terrorists in order to vote. What about the men and women waving their purple fingers in the air with such pride. The mayor of Bagdad wants to upt up a statue of Bush.

    As for me, I never saw this coming. Any why is that? I read the papers, I watch the news, I listen to the radio. Did any of you out there anticipate this at all? Jimmy Carter said the election would never come off and would not put his people in Iraq. Everyone heard politicians and talking heads say we needed to postpone the election.

    We had no clue what the Iraqi people were thinking. Are we not supposed to be informed by the media. So how would you rate the job done by the media and their reporters. I would give them a D-. They tracked down the suicide bomber events and got the bodycounts, but never conveyed what was going on in the hearts and minds of the populace.

    Let's also give a rousing thumbs down to Newsweek whos current cover story is "The Insurgents". I sincerely hope they decided on that before the election and not after the election because how stupid would they look writing about the insurgents instead of "the People of Iraq" with their purple fingers in the air.

    One man said as he waved his finger proudly, "this signifies sticking my finger in the eye of the insurgents". Americans now have great respect for the Iraqis, and it was earned. Defying death threats to vote...bravo Iraq!

    Go to your Washington Nationals page!

  • Barry Bonds loses his luster of greatness -
    Oh this BALCO scandal couldn't have involved a nicer guy. You see so much of professional athletes trying to earn the respect of their peers and the public. Bonds has lost it all. From now on, when you think of the greatest home run hitters of all time, we can in good conscience say Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth. Who had the most home runs in a season? Mark McGuire - 70. Let's just ignore Bonds as a self-centered, egomaniac cheat. And when they finally vote for the Hall of Fame, I am sure he will get in, but it will be far from unanimous. Anything that knocks him down a peg is a vote for honesty and fair-play. Barry who? Hey, that's not a bad idea for his new nickname...Barry Who!

    Monday Night Football meets Howard Stern -
         Are you ready for some....naked woman taking Terrel Owens out of the game with the offer of ....well, you know.

    Geez, in ice hockey, you could eliminate your opponent's best player by having your "goon" pick a fight with him. I guess now you don't even have to expend your goon, just have a hot bimbo lure away key players just before game time.

    It's a funny concept, but the "promo" ABC did before the November 22nd game was totally inappropriate. From the company that brought you "The Wonderful World of Disney", they now bring you "naked woman jumping on star player and he says "oops, the team can get by without me" (because he is going to be busy with his new friend)".

    There is no excuse for having something as tasteless as this at 9PM, prime time, on Monday night. I don't even think they are sorry for doing this because it raised awareness and interest in Monday Night Football (and that is a great thing), and they were not fined by the FCC.

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