"TV" Tony Kornheiser

Open letter to Tony Kornheiser June 12, 2004

Well it's finally happened. Tony has finally made it to the big time. He is a bonafied TV star. He has left behind his buddy, Andy Pollin, and his popular radio show on Sports Talk 980 and his millions of loyal listeners. We all knew that someday it would happen. He was just too good.

But Tony, we worry about you, you schmuck. You need to be careful who you run with. I am not so sure that Wilbon is a good influence.

Now, the new "TV Tony" hob-nobs with famous personalities, golfs more than he works, and chats with his new best buddy, Jason Alexander, about comb-over techniques.

But, why has "TV Tony" suddenly made it big? He's been great for years.

We have all heard about the BALCO drug scandal and the use of the performance enhancing drug THG. This has impacted many areas of the sports world. Track and field, football, baseball are a few of the sports that are involved.

Barry Bonds used to hit 40-50 home runs a year till he hooked up with the trainer who has been charged with distributing THG. Before hand, Bonds looked like every other player. Now he looks like a chocolate Incredible Hulk. This drug may be capable of doing more than just enhancing your physical performance.

And you Tony.... lately you have been a little too funny. A coincidence? I don't think so. The warning on the THG bottle says "caution, turns Jewish men orange".

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