Oh Wow Look at This.com - Flamingo Fest 2007


Flamingo Fest 2007

Flamingo Fest 2007

Here are some of the great videos:

STOP in the Name of Love
Love, Love Me Do
It's my Party#1
It's my Party#2
California Dreaming#1
California Dreaming#2
Here Comes the Sun
Only Time
J-Bo (not J-Lo) & friends sing rap
Close to You
Hit me with your Best Shot
J-Bo Lifetime Achievement Award Acceptance Speech
Sunny talks to Sean
Only Time
Wind Beneath My Wings
The Wanderer
Friends in High Places#1
Friends in High Places#2

While we may have had some great talent at Flamingo Fest 3, it will not compare with this new performance of the song "5:15" orginally done by the Who. You won't find a more dynamic performance or personality than this!

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